Amaron Merrill

Amaron Merrill- Project Manager – Maintenance/Camera inspection

Amaron Merrill is the company’s project manager who has over 10 years of experience in the storm water and sewer industry. His experience ranges from operating and managing the company’s hydrovactor equipment to running the CCTV camera equipment and software. Amaron looks forward to resolving the challenge of completing each project and specializes in running all field operations in smooth fashion and working order. Amaron is project driven and takes pride in the satisfaction of getting the job done right.

Fishing, Hunting, Camping, or Riding the Sand Dunes


Beyond his passion with work, Amaron is a family man and enjoys spending his time with his wife, Satya and their five kids. During his spare time, one will find Amaron with his family either fishing, hunting, camping, or riding the sand dunes with the family ATVs. He loves the outdoors and enjoys all outdoor activities with his kids. When found relaxing at home you can find him playing with his kids or tinkering with one of the family ATVs.

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