Glen Millett, PE

Glen Millett, PE- Engineering and Operations Manager

Glen Millett is a State-licensed civil engineer who has over 12 years of experience in the storm water and sewer industry. His experience ranges from land development and design to assessing and resolving drainage issues that plague properties and communities. Glen enjoys working with property owners and managers and ensures them with piece of mind that drainage on their property flows properly and without incident. Since his earlier years as a competitive swimmer, Glen has always had an interest with water and water flow behavior. He understands the mechanics of how property drainage systems function and takes pride in the challenge of presenting clients with cost-effective solutions.

Teeing off at various golf courses and exploring!


Glen enjoys spending his spare time with his wife, Heidi and their six kids. With his family, he looks forward to going to the lake, ATV riding, hiking, and camping. On his own, Glen enjoys teeing off at various golf courses, exploring the newest-found trail on his ATV, or turning the wheel on a nice ride with his road bike. When found relaxing at home you can find him playing with his kids in the backyard or watching the latest “24” episode.

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