SWPPP-Training-with-MikeThe ADEQ (Arizona Department of Environmental Quality) guidelines state, “The drainage system including settling chambers and interceptor should be inspected annually” (ADEQ, “Implementation Guidelines for Drywells That Use Flow Control and / or Pretreatment Technologies Under the Aquifer Protection Program General Permit Types 2.01 and 2.04″, pg. 27). The ADEQ even has their own inspection check list that is attached to this page. The inspection of all on-site drainage structures the first step in creating annual operation and maintenance (O&M) reports. It is also essential in determining costs and budgets for cleaning and maintenance. Before cleaning and maintenance can be performed an inspection must occur. Through the inspection process we are able to determine which structures need maintenance and which ones do not. All on-site structures may have different needs with regards to how often they are maintenanced.

Many Cities and Municipalities have codes and requirements in their Stormwater Policy that require property owners to perform regular inspections and maintenance for stormwater structures. Some municipalities have taken it a step further and now require that property owners submit or keep on-site annual operation and maintenance (O&M) reports. These same Muncipalities and Cities are going to assess penalties to owner’s of stormwater structures who fail to maintain them and keep them in a proper operating condition. In order to stay compliant and meet all the local requirements it begins with regular annual inspection of the on-site stormwater structures.

In order to further assist property owners and property managers, StormWater Pros has created a Annual Inspection agreement. This 3 or 5 year agreement includes an annual inspection for each of the agreement. The annual price for the inspection ranges from approximately $150 to $1200 annually depending on the property size and amount of on-site structures. The Inspection is to include system assessment for all catch basins, water quality structures, drywells, storm drains, headwalls, interceptors, storage tanks, and retention basins. Included in this inspection is a review of site drainage plans and details (if provided) and will be performed by authorized StormWater Pros Service Engineer. StormWater Pros will provide a written inspection report that will provide a summary detailing the condition of the stormwater structures. Furthermore, the report will outline all suggested maintenance and cleaning with associated costs to perform the work.

Finally, the agreement state that all inspection costs shall be waived or applied to the suggested maintenance and cleaning costs should CLIENT contract StormWater Pros to perform the proposed maintenance and cleaning work. This enables the property owner to essentially obtain the inspection at NO cost or Free. With regular annual inspections property owners and managers are able easily establish annual budgets and know that the stormwater structures are being property taken care of according to local codes and requirements.

Please contact us today to inquire about and set up your Annual Inspection Agreement.

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