Tina Stowe

Tina Stowe – Office Manager

Tina Stowe is new to the industry. She had been in the legal field for 30 years and was acquired by StormWater Pros as its Office Manager. She enhances the Company with her experience in managing projects, facilitating several requests from those inside and outside of the Company as well as providing quality customer service. Her business skills are essential to the growth of the Company and is a true asset to the Company.

Love spending time with my family

I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and moved to Arizona in 1995 with my sweetheart, Steve and my three amazing children. Love spending time with my family and camp when we can (not enough though) and various activities with my children like sprinkler frizbee, talking walks, riding bikes and watching movies together. Other than work and family, I’m actively engaged in my church, sewing, family history, dancing like no one is watching, volleyball and watching the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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