100-year Flood Causes Problems Around the Valley

September 2014 big storm left quite a few large pools of water in parks and streets from overflowing retention basins. Kids could be seen playing and swimming in the water, but there were unseen dangers caused by the runoff. Recent water samples taken from all over the valley showed very high levels of E coli, caused from human and animal waste. Other gross materials(oil, gas, and pesticides) were not tested for but are more than likely present in all water.

Fox News 10 Phoenix gives more details here


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The storm’s runoff went into Tempe Town Lake, and created a ghastly mixture of green algae, dead fish, garbage, and debris that has been baking in the sun. The lake is cleaned out regularly of trash and muck, but this particular mass of sludge is putrid. One visitor of the lake said “There is a dead animal smell”. Not only do people kayak and paddle board in the lake, but two triathlons were scheduled for this week.


More information can be found here at AZ Central:


We may be feeling the effects of this storm for quite some time. In the mean time put out mosquito traps if you want to try and avoid major bug bites.



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