Artemina HOA

Problem: Storm water flowing out of a headwall was not draining into the adjacent drywell as it should. The water would stand at the mouth of the headwall pipe for long periods of time and would lead to a bad smell and mosquitoes. The elevation of the final grade at the mouth of the headwall was lower than the drywell rim elevation and thus making it impossible for a lot the water to drain into the drywell.

Additionally, the landscape was overgrown making the area muddy and an eye sore.

Solution: StormWater Pros hyrovactor cleaned the area removing all the overgrown landscaping exposing the concrete and rip rap rock. StormWater Pros then installed a 12”x12”x12 NDS catch basin box to collect all the storm water at the mouth of the headwall. A 4” diameter SCH 40 PVC pipe was installed to the NDS catch basin box and connected into the existing drywell to allow storm water to flow into the drywell as it should.

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