Additional Services


Grading and Drainage Plans
All cities and municipalities require a Grading and Drainage Plan if new drainage facilities or new grading activities are recommended to be built. Grading and Drainage Plans are stamped and sealed by a Civil Engineering Professional and are submitted to the city for approval of permit.

Drainage and Hydrology Reports

Drainage or Hydrology Reports are needed to identify existing and proposed drainage patterns, demonstrate drainage engineering compliance, and show that no adjacent properties are adversely impacted. Reports include hydrology and hydraulic calculations, survey maps and exhibits, and drainage details.

Drainage Consulting and Evaluations

Consulting and evaluation services are needed to investigate the root causes behind drainage issues that plague a site. Consulting services include providing cost-efficient recommendations based on sound engineering principles in resolving these drainage issues.

Drainage Development Valuation/Estimating

Based on our extensive engineering and construction experience, valuation services may be requested to provide more cost-efficient options to a drainage plan or scheme. These value-engineering measures can provide significant savings for the owner. Thorough cost estimating of construction services are used to anticipate budget costs and funding.

Site Mapping Services and Survey Topography

Mapping services and exhibits are used to visually identify both existing and proposed drainage facilities and show significant drainage patterns that impact a development. Survey topography is used to accurately determine drainage flow direction and accurately pinpoint elevation.

Due Diligence Studies

Due diligence studies and findings are useful to convey drainage and flooding issues that may exist with a property before its purchased. These drainage and flooding issues may be identified and compiled in an organized way that benefits real estate professionals and developers.

FEMA CLOMR-F and LOMR Submittals

Engineering services and coordination with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are provided to identify the existing flood zone boundaries associated with a site and implement sound engineering principle to revise and model the flood zone boundaries and bring areas that were identified within a flood zone out of the floodplain. Coordination and approval with FEMA in performing a flood map revision and demonstrating that adjacent properties are not adversely impacted due to grading changes.

Percolation Testing

StormWater Pros have experienced professionals that correctly test and monitor the disposal capability of existing and newly-built drywell systems. Our professionals perform a calculated constant-head test that is highly proven in determining highly-accurate disposal rates. Documenting accurate disposal rates for cities and municipalities to take note, can save owners and developers thousands of dollars on construction costs and from the need to install additional drywells.

Contracting – Construction of Drainage Infrastructure

StormWater Pros have experienced and highly-skilled personnel who understand the construction process and who are methodical in construction calculation and precision in providing the best quality of drainage infrastructure such as drywells, catch basins, bubbler basins, headwalls, storm drain piping, culverts, scuppers, riprap mats, gabion mattresses, separation chamber systems, and underground storage tanks and chamber retention systems. These structures help direct, convey, control, and/or store stormwater flow and runoff to prevent damage to landscaping, structures, and areas where unwanted standing water is desired. Construction of cost-effective drainage structures can save thousands of dollars on unnecessary future maintenance costs.

Drainage Facility Repair and Retrofit

Many drainage facilities and structures are or become ineffective and do not function properly caused by lack of maintenance, poorly constructed or designed, damaged, or simply of old age. Drainage structures may simply be repaired and/or retrofitted to restore full function and desired performance. Drainage structures that may be in need of repair or retrofitted include but not limited to, catch basins, bubbler basins, headwalls, storm drain piping, culverts, scuppers, riprap mats, gabion mattresses, separation chamber systems, and underground storage tanks and chamber retention systems.

Erosion and Dust Control

In arid areas of the Southwest, erosion and dust are a great concern to property owners and municipalities. Erosion can cause extensive damage and can becoming a reoccurring nuisance and eyesore for individual properties and communities. Substantial erosion can even change the behavior of how runoff is conveyed to or through a property significantly impacting one’s property or others causing thousands in repair costs. StormWater Pros can provide cost-efficient and proven solutions to controlling erosion and minimizing its effect. More prevalent in construction activities, dust control becomes a significant factor to mitigate and minimize. StormWater Pros have construction crews who lay out dust suppressant chemical or water to control air quality and allergens that may be brought out during construction.

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