Lunch & Learn

Our Lunch & Learn presentation is designed to help educate property owners, managers, and others about stormwater requirements, maintenance, and engineering principles. These topics help our clients take control of the drainage for their properties for which they have jurisdiction over. Our clients leave our presentation feeling well educated about topics they have felt in dark about for quite some time.

Our lunch presentations are highly educational and covers topics that include:

-StormWater Codes and Regulations (National & Local)
-Drainage Education (How Properties Drain)
-StormWater Structure Education (How To Identify These Systems)
-Drywell Education (Functionality and Maintenance)
-Drainage Engineering Priciples
-How Inpection Process Works
-How the Cleaning/Maintenance Process Works
-How StormWater Pros can assist in the rugulatory compliance

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"We have a lot of vendors come in and provide information about their product and I have to say, your presentation is the first one I have attended that really provided truly valuable information for me. I knew nothing about drywells before, but now I can at least have a basic conversation about them"

Amanda Kindle
Branch Manager
Spectrum Association Management

“Brig and the team from StormWater Pros put together a perfect presentation to educate about the workings of the drywells and drainage systems present in all of our communities. The information and visuals provided, and solutions to address issues that affect these systems were presented in a manner that was clear and would be beneficial to community managers and Board members alike.”
Juliet Baumel, CAAM
Brown Community Management, Inc.

THANK YOU for the great information and training!!
Jamie Johnson

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