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Gator Guard
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In today’s difficult market, Builders and contractors deserve lasting and effective BMP’s. Gator Guard wattles deliver both with 5 years life expectancy and 20 times less soil loss than straw wattles. Economical Gator Guard = Green Cash savings (even if used only once) and Clean Streams. Reusable, or throw-em-away it’s OK.

Gator Guard wattles are a lightweight, very effective, easy to install, better alternative to silt fence and straw wattles. With their exceptional sediment capturing capabilities and excellent durability, they are able to survive bulldozers, trucks, wind, water and sun on several projects.
Use Gator Guard wattles in place of silt fence or straw wattles.

Q: My SWPPP drawings Show silt fence and fiber rolls. How can I use Gator Guard wattles as an alternative BMP?

A: Most agencies allow and encourage equal or better products to be substituted for silt fence and fiber rolls. Just write in the substitution on your plan, sign and date it. If in doubt, check with your local agency first.

Do not use Gator Guard where a biodegradable product is required.
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Gator Guard Wattle
Easy Install – Easy Removal

  • Prepare a smooth 12 inch wide path
  • Place wattle with apron up hill
  • Pin apron every 3 feet
  • Connect wattles with sleeve
  • Place 1 inch of dirt on apron and compact by foot
  • Or place apron in a 3 inch trench and backfill
  • To move or remove just pull up by hand and reuse
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